Silent But Deadly now available for perusal

I’ve got a brand new murder-mystery ready for free perusals for educators.

SILENT, BUT DEADLY (Full-length Murder Mystery Comedy, 11F, 3M, 4 any, cast of 18+) The set of the silent thriller Das Vampyr, Scourge of the Night is in desperate trouble. The director is a perfectionist, the actors are in revolt, the producers are about to pull the plug, and everyone seems to be plotting to murder the lead actress. But when one of the conspirators ends up dead instead, it’s up to famed detective Valentina Caravelli to unravel the mystery.

This is a really fun and funny murder mystery with an actual mystery to it – there are lots of opportunities to expand the cast as well, as well as the possibility of actually making a short silent film modeled on Nosferatu.

If you’d like to read a free perusal script, email me at and I’ll shoot one your way!

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