Three new plays now published!


DEADLINE:   “When eight mystery writers arrive at a legendary writer’s fog-shrouded island mansion in the North Atlantic, they think they’re ready for the Deadline Challenge—twenty-four restful hours to write as much of their new novel as possible. But the Deadline Challenge is anything but restful. In reality, the writers are brought together to solve a murder—the victim yet be determined, and the killer yet to strike. If a writer can design and execute a perfect murder and get away with it, they’ll win a million dollars (which is a lot of money for a writer). Who will live? Who will die? Who will survive the Deadline?”

EMILY BRONTE, TEENAGE NECROMANCER “1835. Northern England. The moors. A terrifying phantom has appeared at the Roe Head School for Girls, terrorizing its students and driving the school near to extinction. It’s up to star pupil Emily Brontë, and her sisters Anne and Charlotte, to discern the true nature of the haunting, using their unique talents—which happen to include necromancy. A gothic, hilarious ride through English literature that needs magic, ghosts, and fog, featuring an undead goose, a lovesick ghost, and a talking meat pudding.”

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH A MURDER MYSTERY: “Five mysterious color-coded guests. A mansion. A murder. Can the killer get away with it? And how will the sleuths bring them to justice? A handy guide for how to escape the law when you just happen to be a prime suspect of a mysterious murder. Told in vignettes in a style similar to 10 Ways To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse, this show hilariously skewers the tropes of the murder mystery: an airtight alibi, a long-winded monologue by a detective with an accent, an impossibly complicated Rube Goldberg murder device? Check, check, and check!”

The AI Play is now published!

Check out THE AI PLAY, now published by Playscripts

When Eleanor uses a chatbot to write a paper on The Great Gatsby for her, she figures it’s not that big of a deal. But when her chatbot writes the best essay on The Great Gatsby ever, she’s sent to a special school for genius children. Except every other student also used a chatbot to get into the special genius children school. And that school might not be a school, it might just be prison. Now Eleanor has to lead a jailbreak with her friends—can she escape without the help of artificial intelligence?

Silent But Deadly now available for perusal

I’ve got a brand new murder-mystery ready for free perusals for educators.

SILENT, BUT DEADLY (Full-length Murder Mystery Comedy, 11F, 3M, 4 any, cast of 18+) The set of the silent thriller Das Vampyr, Scourge of the Night is in desperate trouble. The director is a perfectionist, the actors are in revolt, the producers are about to pull the plug, and everyone seems to be plotting to murder the lead actress. But when one of the conspirators ends up dead instead, it’s up to famed detective Valentina Caravelli to unravel the mystery.

This is a really fun and funny murder mystery with an actual mystery to it – there are lots of opportunities to expand the cast as well, as well as the possibility of actually making a short silent film modeled on Nosferatu.

If you’d like to read a free perusal script, email me at and I’ll shoot one your way!

The most-produced plays of 2020-21

The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon reached #8 in the most-produced full-length list!

And my one-acts took home 5 OF THE TOP 10 spots in the short play list!

Check out the story here:


I’m really proud of this play! Take a look!

The queen is dead. The kingdom is cursed. And the only way to lift the curse is to slay the witch.

When Princess Alessandra’s father the king offers her hand in marriage to the knight who can slay the evil bog witch and lift the curse, there’s only one thing for the princess to do: Sneak out of the castle and kill the witch herself to avoid marriage. But she’s not dumb and she’s not going alone, because she’s first assembling a crack crew of the deadliest monsters in myth and legend to help. But she discovers the monsters aren’t what they seem, and neither is the witch, or the curse, or the kingdom. A rollicking and wild quest of magic and adventure. (If you loved She Kills Monsters, read this play immediately.)

10 Ways to Survive Life in a Quarantine Now Published!

If you’re spending a long time at home, it can be a challenge to keep yourself occupied. Luckily, 10 Ways to Survive Life in a Quarantine is full of handy solutions, from putting on a musical with your dog, to becoming an announcer for a made-up sport, to falling in love with an inanimate object. Hey, we promised handy solutions – we never said they wouldn’t be strange. Whether or not you’re inspired to take up origami and squirrel observation, this flexible new play written by Don Zolidis especially for actors to perform online is sure to bring a laugh to anyone who finds themselves unexpectedly indoors. A full-length and one-act version are available.

Short version:

Long version:

Book Launch for WAR AND SPEECH!

The book launch for WAR AND SPEECH will be Sunday, May 10th (Mother’s Day) at 2pm at Bookpeople in Austin, TX. Bring your mother! It’s probably the most special thing you could do for her. You’re all invited! And I hope to see ALL of you there (fly in, take a train, build a tunnel, whatever)



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